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What does “Yield to horses” really mean? Basic horse safety for non-horse people

My husband and I ride our horses around the Denver area quite a lot. This means we regularly encounter people in public parks and open spaces who are not experienced with horses and often uninformed about how to safely interact with us and ours. Now, if you’ve been in any of these parks and openContinue reading “What does “Yield to horses” really mean? Basic horse safety for non-horse people”

So, I’m a writer now?

I’ve always been a writer. In my career as a TV producer, I had to write. In my career as a corporate communications manager, I have to write. In my academic career, spanning 4 years at New York University and now 3 years at Johns Hopkins University, I certainly had to/have to write. In myContinue reading “So, I’m a writer now?”

Nazis are alive and well

I’ve been re-watching Season 1 of The Man in the High Castle with my husband, who never saw it. I remember it being a good show, by all objective measures, but as a Jew (even a very non-religious one) it makes me uncomfortable. I am OK with that discomfort because it reminds me that theContinue reading “Nazis are alive and well”


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