So, I’m a writer now?

I’ve always been a writer.

In my career as a TV producer, I had to write.

In my career as a corporate communications manager, I have to write.

In my academic career, spanning 4 years at New York University and now 3 years at Johns Hopkins University, I certainly had to/have to write.

In my personal time, for as long as I can remember, I’ve written “stuff.”

But I’ve never been called a writer, until now. And honestly, I’m having more neuroses than I should be over it!

For the past 12 months, my job has become increasingly focused on producing written content. So much so, that now the possibility of having my title changed is imminent. I am looking forward to this change in many ways, as it should free me of other responsibilities that prevent me from focusing solely on my writing. But… I feel like I’m losing something as well.

My career path has been fairly linear:

  • Intern
  • Production Assistant
  • Associate Producer
  • Coordinating Producer
  • Producer
  • Casting Director

Then, with a switch out of television:

  • Communication specialist
  • Communication manager
  • Senior communication manager

And now… potentially, Senior Copywriter. I’m still waiting… it’s not official yet. But hopefully, within 8 weeks it will be.

I am excited but nervous. What does this mean for my career? Is it a good thing or bad? Am I losing something by giving up the title of manager? Is this going to hurt me when I go to look for my next job? But, but, I’m “more than just a writer.” (Which is hilarious, because my whole life, I’ve always wanted to *be* “a writer”).

I need to ponder this more. This post has been in draft mode for hours, so I’m posting now to keep my daily writing commitment.


Published by EPodstein

A Passionate enthusiast of (sarcastic) humor, teller of elaborate stories, and lover of the Oxford Comma. Former Reality TV producer, now living an unreal life.

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