The end of procrastination

More than six months, ago when I created this website, I told myself that I would write a blog post each and every day. It wasn’t supposed to matter what it was about – or how short or long – it was just the commitment to write and in doing so, hopefully, spit out something of value once in a while.

If nothing else, I thought, at least I would have content. Potentially worthless content, but better than a blank page.

Well, that didn’t happen. I didn’t start and things got busy and the next thing you know, it’s more than six months later and this site is still as empty as the day I created it.

Thus, today: Saturday, October 27th, 2018, I declare the end of procrastination. So here you go. Fairly worthless blog post #1 (of many more to come!)

Published by EPodstein

A Passionate enthusiast of (sarcastic) humor, teller of elaborate stories, and lover of the Oxford Comma. Former Reality TV producer, now living an unreal life.

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