Nazis are alive and well

I’ve been re-watching Season 1 of The Man in the High Castle with my husband, who never saw it. I remember it being a good show, by all objective measures, but as a Jew (even a very non-religious one) it makes me uncomfortable. I am OK with that discomfort because it reminds me that the world is not all flowers and rainbows.

Today, while watching the horrors of an alternate Nazi dystopian universe in the comfort of my white, middle-class living room, I learned that 11 Jews were killed (and others injured) by a nutcase with a gun who marched into Shabbas services at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

We can’t escape it. Black people being shot in church, Jews being shot in temple, Muslims being shot in mosques and Sikhs being shot in temples, likely because people are ignorant enough to mistake them for Muslims in Mosques. The world makes me sick sometimes and our president’s only response is to say the synagogue should have had armed guards in front.

Maybe banning assault rifles isn’t the right answer, but I’d sure like to see if it helps. And I know, it’s much more than just guns. Where is all this hate coming from? Has it always been here and simply exacerbated now by the ease of sharing it via the internet? Is our modern world the perfect platform to connect psychos and sociopaths with like-minded individuals and the weapons they need to make their dreams come true?

I wish there was an alternate world: one that didn’t include more-than-daily occurrences of people being terrorized in micro and macro ways because of their religion, skin color, or any other personal or communal attribute.

I don’t know what else to write here. Much of my writing might be like this.

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A Passionate enthusiast of (sarcastic) humor, teller of elaborate stories, and lover of the Oxford Comma. Former Reality TV producer, now living an unreal life.

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